Special Bonus Happy Halloween Edition

Back in the bad old days of the Soviet Union, one of the tricks a dissident might attempt to communicate subversive ideas in a subtle way would be to quote a good paragraph or two from Adam Smith or Hayek, surrounded on either side by boilerplate propaganda about why this imperialist dogma is wrong. The perceptive reader would pick up on the sense of the excerpts from Adam Smith, and say, “Ah ha!”

So I think I may attempt something like that—or am I?—by wading into the controversy about . . . sexy Halloween costumes. The moralist right wonders why Halloween has become an excuse to legitimize sluttiness, while the feminist left complains about the objectification of women. Since we only cover the most important cultural issues, I thought Power Line should present the evidence neutrally: we report, you decide!

First up, a fireperson, apparently:

Halloween 1 copy

Is this really a costume? Isn’t this what Danica Patrick wears on race day?
Halloween 3 copy

Confused again: Is this some kind of Brucelyn Jenner commentary?

Halloween 4 copy

Unless this comes in a pantsuit version, I doubt Hillary Clinton will wear this in the big house.
Halloween 5 copy

Again, isn’t this an everyday costume at Hugh’s place?Halloween 6 copy

If J.J. Abrams want to assure the success of the new Star Wars movies, he’ll go with this:

Halloween 7 copy

Confused again: isn’t that what the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders wear every week? How is this a Halloween costume?
alloween 8 copyIs this a trick or a treat? I can’t tell. Happy Halloween everybody!

JOHN adds: I vote treat.


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