The Left in Disarray

John may be right that the DNC is in disarray. But the left as a whole isn’t looking too good. First, the leftists presiding over the Pacifica Radio meltdown are apparently lurching slowly but surely into Maoist territory (“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”), as reported in the latest installment of

Weapons at Work

Berkeley-At this evening’s Pacifica National Board meeting, NY listener representative Stephen Brown notified the board he was in receipt of a statement from a KPFK employee about a volunteer who said “they had brought a gun into KPFK” and their “friend outside in KPFK’s parking lot was also packing a gun”. The assertions were reported to a senior employee, who reported them to outgoing executive director John Proffitt on Monday, October 12th and and received no response at all. Brown stated on the board’s Internet  stream that KPFK’s former web director Ali Lexa, who was laid off in September, had let him know today of the lack of response from Pacifica to the report of firearms at the station.

Meanwhile, I got to wondering why Bernie Sanders doesn’t mention Cuba as one of the socialist utopias we should “look at”? It seems to be a favorite of The Nation, from whom I just received the following invitation:

Join us in Havana, Cuba, during this historic period of change, for a unique trip specially curated for fellow Nation travelers. The experience is certain to offer a unique opportunity not only to visit the island but also to experience its people, politics, culture, and history in a way few ever have.

After our chartered flight from Tampa arrives at Havana’s historic José Martí International Airport, we will attend private seminars and concerts featuring prominent Cuban professors, government officials, urban planners, journalists, musicians, artists, dancers, and community activists. We’ll also tour museums with renowned art historians, wander through the artist’s markets of Old Havana, experience the hospitality of local residents in small country towns, and savor traditional Cuban food and spirits at the island’s finest restaurants and markets.

Doesn’t this just sound like the best time ever? And all yours for only $5,550 per person double occupancy, which is about equal to per capita income in Cuba. There’s much more at the link.

But I’m really hoping Bernie Sanders will be asked at the next Democratic debate why he doesn’t mention Cuba as a model for us. Extra butter on my popcorn, please.


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