The Week in Pictures: Chaos Theory Edition

House Republicans are supposedly in chaos. Yet somehow the earth keeps spinning on its axis, and yesterday the House actually passed legislation to allow sale of American oil overseas. What’s really in chaos is Obama’s foreign policy. And maybe the Democratic Party’s presidential field. Let’s see what the debate on Tuesday brings. A strong performance by Bernie Sanders might throw Hillary into a fatal tailspin. And/or she’ll get nasty with Bernie in unattractive ways. Meanwhile the rest of the country will be saying, “Who’s this Jim Webb guy? Why is he here?”

Tea Party Bags One copy

Sanders Socilist copy

Bernie Go Back copy

Bernie Winners copy Bernie Supporters copy

Berne in Boulder copy

More Free stuff copy

Transparent Hillary copy

Goth Hillary copy

Biden Hillary Fake Number copy

Hillary Race copy

Hillary Trade2 copy

Trump Man Bun copy Trump Orange copy

Putin's Red Line copy Putin Toys copy Putin Flips the Bird copy Putin Gone Yet copy Super Obama copy Nobel Obama copy Putin on Obama copy

Cruz teleprompter copy Cruz Pisses Liberals copy Intelligence copy

Dead Democrat copy Voting Liberal copy

2014 election

Gun Free Zone copy Wolf Free Zone copy

Ramirez Gns copy

Jeb Happens copyPP Laundry copy

Car Crisis copy Zombies in Manger copy Rome cut by Ceasers copy Shout in German copyAnd finally. . .

Hot 306 copy



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