The Week in Pictures: It’s Debatable Edition

So the Democrats finally had a debate, and we learned that people freak out to learn that soldiers actually kill people in combat. And that the Democratic Party’s presidential ranks (except for apparently crazed Marines) have thrown in with socialism. Democratic socialism, of course. Which somehow is supposed to differ from national socialism I guess.

Vegges v Candy copy

Hillary Changes copy Diversity v Dems copy The Fields copy Dem Freebies copy Greek Socialism copy Webb Commies copy Who Spends copy Sanders Trillions copy Sanders Drones copy Sanders Brilliant copy

Chaffee bombs copy Hillay Crushes copy

Dem Debate copy Webb v. Sanders copy

Bill Bets copy

Issues 2 copy

Hillary Grills copy

Trump v Hillary copy

Sanders Stop Giving copy

Carson v Hillary copy

Washington's Guns copy Obama Gun Fantasy copy

Yellow Bricks copy

Obama Missile copy

Obamacare Hip copy

House Speaker copy

Obama Flexibility copy Obama Bingo copy

PP Quits copy

Williams Star Warts copy Wurst Case Scenario copy Engineering fact copy Empire Sticker copy DiHydrogen rinsing copy KFC Witness copy Clear Browser copy Bad Timing Cookies copyAnd finally. . .

Hot 748 copy



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