The Week in Pictures: Scary Halloween Edition

So I can’t decide on a costume: Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? They both have great fright prospects. Hillary will lie about her tricks, and Sanders will reach in to everyone’s goody bag and redistribute the candy. But perhaps I’ll stick with everyone’s favorite zombie of the moment—Jeb Bush. And as a reminder: Halloween this year coincides with every conservative’s favorite day—the day we literally get to turn the clock back!

Trumpkin copy

Jeb Zombie copy

GOP Halloween copy

Halloween problems copy Pumpkin Monster copy

Vegan Burgers copy

Huaman Spice Latte copy

No Candy copy


Texting Witch copy

Wicked Hillary copy Hilary Witch Hunt copy

My Little Server copy

Clinton Secret Server copy

Hillary Survived copy

Trudeau Bush Clinton copy

Jeb Falling copy

GOP Budget copy Ryan Unites copy Webb Leaves copy Crying Cartoonists copy Bernie Trophies copy rump Lady Justice copy Trump Flop copy

Canned Candidates copy Processed Meat copy Pocessed Meats 2 copy Meat Denier copy

Meat Poster copy

Atheists Don't Sue Muslims copy Nerds copy Herbal Tea Party copy King Kong copy Nut In iT copy Airplane Mode copy Paranormal Distribution copy Ban the Burkha copy

Set Clocks Back copy staycation copy

Hot warning copy

And finally. . .

Hot 737 copy



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