Unprecedented Mass Immigration Will Radically Transform America. Is That What We Want?

On this site, posts about immigration tend to draw less traffic than posts on most other subjects. I am not sure why that is, but I suspect it is mostly because people (our readers, anyway) say, Yeah, yeah, I already know about that. Well, here is something you probably didn’t know.

Jeff Sessions’ Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest analyzed data in the Pew immigration survey that I wrote about here, and calculated a remarkable fact: under current law, between now and 2065, for every one American added to the population by our existing citizens, immigration will add seven more:


And that is under existing law, not contemplating any proposed “reform” that will add even more low-skill immigrants.

We are on a course that will radically transform the United States of America, a course that we have never voted for. Can this radical transformation be averted? Not as long as our politicians talk only about illegal immigration, which is a small part of the issue. Existing laws will make the U.S., already the world’s third most populous country, much more like China and India, and much less like Switzerland and Japan. Isn’t it obvious that this is not the direction in which we should be going?


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