What Happens in Vegas . . . Ends Up on Power Line?

For any Las Vegas area readers, I’ll be appearing this Saturday on two panels of the Vegas Valley Book Festival. Yes—you read that correctly: the Vegas Valley Book Festival, not the Vegas Valley Bookie Festival, as you likely assumed if you read too quickly. And by “book” they do mean the printed kind with intelligent words, and not the kind where you make your Sunday bets on the NFL.

Click on the link above for the complete schedule, but to make it simple, I’ll be on a panel from 11:15 to 12:15 on the subject of “Do Issues Matter? Style and Substance in the 2016 Election,” in Room 125 of the Fifth Street School, 401 S. Fourth St. It’s all free and open to the general public. Fellow panelists are Michael Green of UNLV, and Molly Ball of The Atlantic.

Then at 12:30, in room 140 at the Fifth Street School, I’ll be on a panel discussion of “The Art and Business of Blogging,” and so naturally will be talking about Power Line and its great readers. Be neat if a few of our readers attended and spoke up during discussion.


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