Whose lives matter to Democrats?

Anderson Cooper asked some good questions during tonight’s Democratic presidential debate. But the best question, I thought, came from a young black man, via Facebook.

He wanted to know whether “Black lives matter or all lives matter.”

Sanders had the first shot. He answered unequivocally, “Black lives matter.”

Martin O’Malley was up next. He once landed in trouble for stating the audacious proposition that all lives matter. He wasn’t going to repeat that mistake. Instead, O’Malley explained why “the point of Black lives matter” is “serious.”

Jim Webb, who wants to be the candidate of downscale whites, delivered a lecture along the same lines as O’Malley. However, he did manage to say that “every life matters.”

This may be the best we’ll get from a Democratic presidential candidate this primary season, because Hillary Clinton and Lincoln Chafee stood silent, hoping not to get called on.

They weren’t. But in a respectable party, everyone on stage would have been clamoring for an opportunity to affirm one of the essential principles of a civilized society: all lives matter.

Tonight’s debate didn’t just show that the Democrats are becoming a socialist party. It also showed that the Dems are dangerously close to becoming (once again) a racist party.


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