A case for Carly Fiorina

Our friend Dave Begley has been running the rule over the Republican presidential field as it passes through Council Bluffs, Iowa and other venues not far from Omaha, Nebraska where Dave resides. We are proud to have featured his excellent reports on Power Line.

Now, Dave has settled on a favorite candidate — Carly Fiorina. He explains why here.

Dave argues that we need an “outsider” president. I agree that of the three GOP candidates who have never held elective office, Fiorina is the best choice.

Dave skillfully compares the kinds of duties Fiorina had to perform as CEO of Hewlett-Packard with some of those that would be required of her as president. He also defends her record at HP, which I too believe holds up to scrutiny, though perhaps just barely.

Personally, I’m less comfortable than Dave with nominating a total outsider. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and some of the remaining governors seem sufficiently “outside” to me. However, I agree that Fiorina is an impressive figure, and she is on my short list of favorite candidates.


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