Apology Accepted

I wrote here about a former journalist named Gary Gilson who libeled me in a letter to the editor of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. That post included my email exchange with Mr. Gilson, in which I requested a retraction and apology. (Gilson’s letter responded to Scott’s review of the movie Truth in the same paper. Scott commented on that aspect of Gilson’s letter here.)

Mr. Gilson has now apologized to me and issued this statement:

In a letter to the editor (Nov. 8) I wrote that John Hinderaker, a founder of the conservative blog Power Line, had said in a radio interview that his organization did not check facts before posting items on its blog.

I cannot verify that he made that statement, and I should not have written what I wrote. I apologize to Mr. Hinderaker and to those who read my letter.

Mr. Gilson is sending that statement to the Star Tribune as a letter to the editor, which they may or may not choose to print. In return, I have executed a release of all claims.

This episode was a relic of the war between New Media and Old Media that raged a decade ago, which at this point I have no interest in revisiting or pursuing. Mr. Gilson’s apology is accepted.


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