Donald Trump spoils Thanksgiving dinners throughout the land

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for many our blessings among the foremost of which should be our family. But according to Chuck Ross, disgust trumped thankfulness at many family Thanksgiving dinner tables this year, as folks were dismayed to discover that family members intend to vote for Donald Trump.

The discovery shouldn’t have been surprising. After all, Trump is supported by around 30 percent of registered Republicans, according to most polls.

As Ross observes, those who lamented their pro-Trump relatives on Twitter may have thought it was other peoples’ families that are supporting the tycoon. Hence tweets like these:

Just found out my entire family is voting for trump, omfg.

Extended family is voting Trump. Can I place myself up for adoption?


My aunt says she’s voting for Trump. I’ve never been so uncomfortable around family.

My family is voting for Donald trump I’ve never been more ashamed.

Then there was my favorite entry:

My uncle was seriously talking to my family about how he supports trump & my aunt and I had to leave the room and comfort each other.

Pass the Play-Doh.

None of the 12 people at our Thanksgiving dinner (all family or extended family members) supports or even likes Trump. But there was still an awkward moment. One of our guests chided the Republicans at the table, saying when Trump came up, “you must be very proud of your Party.” I responded that I would vote for Trump every time over Hillary Clinton. Fortunately, no one burst into tears.

That’s as far as things went. My extended family is deeply divided on politics, but we’re pretty good about not debating political matters on occasions like Thanksgiving.

I’m sure that the merits/demerits of both George W. Bush and Barack Obama were heatedly debated around plenty of Thanksgiving tables during the past 15 years. But Bush and Obama were presidents, not candidates seeking a nomination. And I imagine that the arguments regarding Bush and Obama generated passion because of major policies like the war in Iraq and Obamacare.

In Trump’s case, it is the man himself, coupled with a few stray (I hope) utterances, that causes folks to want to seek “comfort” if anyone has a good word to say about him. Trump hasn’t started any wars (and doesn’t advocate fighting any); nor has he created new entitlements or redistributed money (and doesn’t advocate doing so). Yet, he apparently spoiled many a Thanksgiving this year.

We have heard people speak of Bush Derangement Syndrome and Obama Derangement Syndrome. But they are nothing compared to Trump Derangement Syndrome.


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