Don’t You Just Hayden When This Happens?

I’ve employed here the term “climatista” to refer to the thermageddonites because of their Stalinist-like zeal and fanaticism about the issue, which has done more to discredit serious consideration of both climate risk and climate policy than anything the so-called “skeptics” or “deniers” could ever hope to do. But once and a while a real climatista—that is, a direct heir to the Sandinista sympathizers of the 1980s—shows up for duty.

Today the Sacramento Bee published an op-ed article entitled “Californians Will Play Unique Role at Paris Climate Change Summit.” Among the gems of the piece are these:

While huge street demonstrations planned by environmental activists already have been suspended by Paris authorities, the U.N. conference is expected to go forward, with California delegates led by Gov. Jerry Brown playing a leading role.

The Governor’s Office is plunging ahead with its plans to promote the California agenda of a clean-energy economy and steady reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. . .

Besides its well-known initiatives on renewable sources and energy efficiency, California has a unique role to play in Paris because of its multicultural political leadership. . .

Also, our state is putting more emphasis on environmental justice for the poor. . .

And just who is the author of these Deep Thoughts? None other than Mr. Jane Fonda Tom Hayden—one of the founders of the SDS, and life-long leftist barnacle to every au courant leftist cause that comes along the road.

The irony here is that 35 years ago Hayden was in the forefront of the opposition to nuclear power, which growing numbers of environmentalists now admit was a mistake. When it comes to climate change, to only suitable posture for a swill like Hayden would be a period of prolonged silence.

But I do rather like the end of his article:

Two years ago, Brown circulated a CIA threat assessment with charts depicting threats from climate change, including the rise of civil wars and immigrant upheavals. It was one case where the CIA was prescient.

Surely the first—and probably last—time Hayden ever liked the CIA on anything.


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