Green Weenie of the Week: EPA’s Top Climate Strategist

McCabe copyIn 2013 President Obama named Janet McCabe to head the EPA’s Of­fice of Air and Radiation, which oversees the EPA’s ambitious “Clean Power Plan” to suppress greenhouse gas emissions and stop globul worming. But E & E News reported recently:

When her workweek winds down, McCabe returns to her home in Indianapolis, where she has lived since 1993 and from where she commutes to Washington, D.C., every week.

“My mind is on [the Clean Power Plan] a lot. So I go home every weekend, get a little bit of separation. I do work at home. But at least I’m at home, you know, with the dog and the spouse,” McCabe said.

A sharp-eyed Power Line reader comments that “This behavior is in defiance of President Obama’s own Executive Order aimed at encouraging, among other things, “sustainable commuting” among Federal employees. According to, 50 round trip flights from DC to Indianapolis emits 17 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Between this and the environmentally heretical practice of maintaining a second home to “get a bit of separation,” McCabe exemplifies the “Do As I Say Not As I Do” attitude of so many high-level bureaucrats.”

But laws and “guidelines” are for little people, not our Lord Protectors at the EPA.


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