Live from Council Bluffs, it’s Carly

Nebraska attorney David Begley continues his series of reports on appearances of the presidential candidates in Iowa for us. Dave was busy in Council Bluffs yesterday covering the appearance of Marco Rubio (here) and the appearance of Carly Fiorina (below):

DaveCarly Three new and brief items from a house party appearance by Carly Fiorina in Council Bluffs on Monday night.

One. The women in attendance were enthralled by her. They were smiling ear to ear and nodding their heads in affirmation. They agreed with her on policy. Carly opened up about her faith, her cancer battle, the loss of her daughter and the reason for her opposition to Planned Parenthood (“It undermines our nation’s character”).

Carly drew a strong contrast between herself and Hillary Clinton. Carly is the fearless fighter from the business world leading citizens to take back their government. Hillary, on the other hand, represents the old and failed DC elites. Fiornia reminded the crowd that if they want to see her debate Hillary, Carly first has to win the nomination. There was no pandering to the women based upon sex, but she will get the votes of many Iowa Women.

Two. The male homeowner was apolitical, the event was all his wife’s idea and it was clear from his facial expression that this was true. He just piped up at one point and asked about H-1B visas and said he was a software engineer. Carly said that as a country, we need to put our own self-interest first. She would secure the border and she would solve the immigration problem, including visas. She distanced herself from her old Silicon Valley CEO crowd on H-1B visas.

Three. She got many more applause lines than Marco Rubio and in less time. I have seen her in person now four times and her applause lines always work. The guy next to me told me in advance that he was firm for Ted Cruz but he was her amen corner on Monday night.


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