More “Legitimate” Terror?

In Israel today, five people were murdered and more wounded in two separate terrorist attacks. In southern Tel Aviv, an Arab terrorist murdered two Jews at prayer and wounded a third. In Gush Etzion region, just south of Jerusalem, terrorists shot three people fatally and wounded seven more. Several of the victims, including one of the dead, are reported to be Americans.


This is, of course, the same Islamic terrorism that has struck Paris; and, while the numbers killed in Israel today are far smaller, the cumulative numbers lost to Islamic terrorism in Israel are much higher. Yet the outrages committed in Israel will not elicit the same response as those that occurred in Paris.

Even within the Obama administration, terrorism against Israel seems to be viewed differently. Perhaps it has “legitimacy,” or at least “a rationale,” as John Kerry notoriously put it. Be that as it may, don’t expect a lot of expressions of solidarity with the Israelis as they continue their decades-long battle to defend themselves against Islamic terrorists.


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