Paris close to home

One of the targets of Friday’s Paris attack was a popular Cambodian restaurant called Le Petit Cambodge. At least 13 people were killed there.

My younger daughter, who lived in Paris for a year, has eaten at Le Petit Cambodge. It’s a favorite restaurant of one of her cousins who lives nearby.

As soon as she heard about the attacks, my daughter contacted her cousin to see if he was okay. He was. In fact, he was in Normandy with his girl friend for the weekend.

Later, however, he learned that one of his friends was killed in the attack and another is in critical condition. Had he been in Paris, it’s possible he would have been at Le Petit Cambodge with his friends.

We have numerous cousins on my wife’s side of the family living in Israel. I don’t recall hearing that any of them ever had a close a brush with deadly terrorism other than during military service, though some may have.

In any event, it’s not clear that Paris is safer now from terrorism than Israel. And it seems probable that Israel has a better handle on how to cope with the threat of domestic terrorism than does France and, for that matter, the United States.


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