Ready for Hyl-liar

At the site of the Center for Security Policy, Fred Fleitz has posted the video of Ezra Levant providing a primer on Hillary and Benghazi (about 8 minutes). The video incorporates revelations from Clinton’s supposedly triumphant testimony last month to the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

The video is a sort of Benghazi for Dummies. It is also a useful reminder of what a liar Madam Hillary is. Are you ready for Hyl-liar? I think that’s an anagram for Hillary.

Like the prospect of being hanged in a fortnight, as Samuel Johnson had it, the prospect of Hyl-liar’s election to the presidency in 12 months concentrates the mind wonderfully. This is a woman who prevaricates with the ease and frequency and conviction of a pathological liar, even on her husband’s behalf to cover up his infidelity to her.


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