The Week in Pictures: Missouri Loves Company Edition

The most squalid week in American higher education since the 1960s closed out with student protesters at the University of Missouri complaining that the Paris terror attacks was taking away from their publicity. Even more reason they should all be expelled, along with every professor of grievance studies. Let’s hope someone—maybe even us, but more likely the French—soon deprives ISIS of any safe space.

One Week copy

Sombrero copy Safe Space Lounge copy Mizzou Tiger copy 2

Safe Spaces copy

Mizzou Bubble copy Mizzou Team Name copy Mizzou Police Report Form copy

O'Rourke on Brats copy

Men Leaving safe Space copy

Safw Space copy

Halloween Costumes Great copy

Elephant  College Babies copy

Crisis Crayons copy

Refite Bullshit copy

Paris Motive copy Clueless Obama copy

Gt Taylor copy

Climate conference copy

ISIS Convoy copy

Jean Jaques Rubio copy

Kant Pure Welding copy


Rubio Traffic Tickets copy

Media Rummaging copy

Carson Twins copy Carson Microscope copy

12063489_10153609312853190_5222441382242059387_n Carson's Pants copy

Carson Videotape copy

Carson Colleger Records copy

Kasich copy CNBC MOds copy

Obama's Border Wall copy

12243413_10153609315128190_452691061410064513_n 12208618_10153609314958190_5743073267114211942_n 12241183_10153609314603190_399928197411381426_n Keystone Red Line

Tankers over Pipeline copy

Jeb Hand Up copy

Jeb Can Fix again copy More Jeb fix copy Jeb Tush copy Jeb Foget copy

Sanders Chicken copy

Sanders Economics

Make SNL Great copy

Wine is the Answer copy

Pie Chart copy

Haven't Seen Chuck copy

Adam and Apple

Star Wars Trilogy copy

Luke Father of Bic copy

Redskins Nickle copy

German Scrabble2 copy

Bobby Kicks copy

And finally. . .

Hot 743 copy



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