Trump: Where’s the Beef?

Walter Mondale began his comeback against Gary Hart in 1984 by borrowing from the TV ad sensation of the moment—Clara Peller’s famous Wendy’s ad that ended with “Where’s the beef?” (Hart had talked endlessly about “new ideas,” but never seemed be able to name one of them that amounted to anything.)

Trump is not going to let that happen to him! He’s got the beef. Literally:

I’d be curious to hear Trump’s views on the FDA and the Dept. of Agriculture’s regulatory regime. I’m guessing he wholeheartedly embraces both, for the usual public choice reasons. Though Yahoo does report this:

The Trump Steakhouse in Las Vegas was briefly shut down following 51 health code violations, including expired yogurt and five-month old duck.

UPDATE: One regular reader suggests: “Maybe Trump is just trying to bring us ‘steakholder’ government!”


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