Trump Wins

I watched Saturday Night Live tonight for the first time since the 1970s, to see how the show would treat Donald Trump. Trump was, in a word, triumphant. True, the show was pretty bad–almost completely unfunny with only a few moments of mild amusement, mostly supplied early by Larry David. This reminded me why I haven’t watched the program for decades.

Only two things mattered. The first was a sketch near the beginning of the show (when people were still watching) that featured Trump as our next president. Miraculously, America is great again. It was a Trump campaign commercial, featuring, if I am not mistaken, a fake wife and an actual daughter. The second is that the writers and cast, presumably all Democrats, didn’t snark on Trump as they have on other Republicans, from Gerald Ford to Sarah Palin. I got the sense that they were intimidated by him and didn’t dare give voice to their political biases.

Not only that, the show no doubt got blockbuster ratings. So it was a win for Trump on all fronts. Still, God only knows why anyone watches such a lame program. It is hard to believe that there are many people who don’t have something better to do on a Saturday night.


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