Up close with Carly

Carly Fiorina has received excellent reviews throughout the campaign season, and with good reason. Her debate performances have been uniformly excellent.

However, some criticize Fiorina for being cold and humorless on the stage. With this is mind, I approached Fiorina after her speech in Des Moines on Saturday to see how she interacted with the large group that wanted to meet her. I also wanted to ask her about sentencing reform.

I found Fiorina quite personable. She can’t be described as particularly warm, but in no way was she cold or aloof.

Fiorina was at ease with the throng. She didn’t leave us laughing, but everyone with whom she talked and/or had a photo taken with seemed satisfied. She was respectful without being patronizing. When one well-wisher mispronounced her last name, Fiorina corrected him but said he could call her Carly.

Fiorina was carrying “Carly” stickers. She didn’t give them out to those like me who were wearing no stickers. But, with permission, she placed hers on the shirt of anyone wearing multiple stickers. A nice touch, I thought.

When it was my turn, Carly was engaging without being gushing. She was happy to answer my question about sentencing reform. I’ll describe our exchange in an upcoming post.


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