A Warm and Colorful Christmas

The climatistas are all atwitter that it’s so warm in so much of the country this holiday season, which is further proof of global warming, even though they always tell us that “weather isn’t climate,” except when it is, which always seems to coincide with the requirements of The Narrative.

But Steven Goddard at RealScience has unearthed the inconvenient truth that it was warmer in more of the country on Christmas Eve in 1955, as shown in this historic chart:

Christmas 1955 copy

And here’s this year’s temperature map:

Xmas Eve 2015 copy

In any case, climate change the weather is just doing us a favor. We’re not supposed to have a white Christmas anyway, because it’s racist. Has there ever been a more propitious time to say “bah, humbug” to the perpetual humbuggery of the left?

So have a colorful Christmas. Or are we supposed to say Christmas of color?


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