Annals of inanity

President Obama addressed the nation from the Oval Office last night to reflect on the massacre of Americans by Muslim terrorists in San Bernardino (transcript here, 13-minute video below). Slate’s friendly summary of the speech makes Obama sound barking mad: “Increasing gun control, rejecting Islamophobia are keys to combating terrorism.”

The no-fly list has suddenly emerged as the linchpin of our struggle. Obama wants to use it to expand gun control. In the annals of inanity, this one should be in the hall of fame.

Why confine the use of the no-fly list to restricting Second Amendment rights? Let’s expand the use of the no-fly list to detain or deport unfriendlies rather than merely pretend to deprive them of the tools of the trade!

We can’t do that. Americans on the no-fly list have rights. Even the Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes! Even the 72 DHS employees on the terrorist watch list!

Obama is all politics all the time. When it comes to the defense of the United States, he would prefer not to. He would prefer to pretend.

Obama does not believe in the American cause or the American people. He believes in defending the good name of Islam. Thus the White House’s pull quote from the speech: “ISIL does not speak for Islam.” Who speaks for Islam? Hmmmm.


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