Climate: “Trust, But Not Verify”

The Paris climate summit is following the predictable script, with reports today of a “deadlock” between developed and developing nations. Obama and John Kerry are said to be leaning heavily on India to relent in its opposition to monitoring emissions targets.

Meanwhile, if you have a spare half hour, Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation sat down with Reason’s Ron Bailey, who is attending his 12th UN climate summit—an experience he describes as “an acquired taste.” (He’s also the author of a fine new book, The End of Doom. Worth having on your Christmas list.) Although Ron can be described as a “lukewarmer” or perhaps even an alarmist on global warming, he thinks most proposed political solutions are worse that the problem.

He thinks we’ll get a weak agreement with no monitoring provisions for emissions from the key developing nations, what he calls “trust, but not verify.”


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