Close the stupidity loophole!

You might say that President Obama has staked his political career on the stupidity of the American people — on those who believed his “no blue America, no red America” shtick, his messianic pretensions, or his lies peddling Obamacare, to take just a few examples. A lot of smart people fell for his act despite the overwhelming evidence of his highly ideologized leftist views. Stupidity isn’t the only explanation, but it’s a big one, and he knows it.

Belief in the stupidity of the American people comes from the top and permeates the White House. Witness the performance of White House spokesman Josh Earnest defending Obama’s proposal to close various gun control “loopholes” this past Thursday (video below posted here by the Washington Free Beacon). Stupidity kills. Close the stupidity loophole!

Via Doug Powers/Michelle Malkin.


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