Don’t Bother Me With Facts, I’ve Got a Narrative to Sell!

As the San Bernardino terrorist attack unfolded yesterday, liberals were desperately hoping that it was an attack on a Planned Parenthood outlet. They openly speculated about, and rooted for, this possibility. At around 2:00 in the afternoon, MSNBC did the best it could, reporting that the terrorists had struck a location “only a few blocks away” from a PP clinic:

What was the point? Was MSNBC holding out hope that maybe the terrorists got lost, and hit the wrong location? Just “a few blocks away”? They were longing, evidently, for a politically useful mass murder.

MSNBC was topped, however, by Bloomberg Business, which tweeted:

WTH? What possible significance can be attributed to a murderous assault occurring within two miles of a Planned Parenthood clinic, or anything else? None, obviously. But such bizarre commentary clearly indicates the direction in which liberals wanted to go–and went, regardless of the facts.

Via Jihad Watch. The narrative always comes first.