Mahmoud Abbas then and now

For a little historical perspective on the events of the day, let us turn to Sam Borden’s New York Times story “Long-hidden details reveal cruelty of 1972 Munich attackers.” Borden reports suppressed details of the murder of Israeli Olympic athletes by PLO terrorists in Munich during the 1972 games. “Among the most jarring details are these,” Borden writes. “The Israeli Olympic team members were beaten and, in at least one case, castrated.”

The Munich operation was carried out by Black September; Black September has long been recognized as the first of the PLO’s deniable covert units. Borden doesn’t bother with the Black September facade and simply identifies the attack as having been conducted by a branch of the PLO.

Borden omits to mention any current PLO officials connected to the Munich outrage, but he might have. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has nearly completed the eleventh year of his four-year term. Back in the day Abbas worked as a Black September operator in Europe. He has been cited as the paymaster of the Black September operation in Munich.

Abbas’s PLO faction regularly incites and glorifies the murderers of Israelis. Virtually every day we receive dispatches from Palestinian Media Watch documenting such glorification and incitement. Today, for example, PMW gives us “Abbas’s Fatah honors ‘heroic’ killer of ’11 Zionists.'” Borden’s story on the Munich murders is not just ancient history.


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