MSNBC on the case

John takes note of NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders’s live look around the San Bernardino killers’ apartment today on MSNBC after the FBI was done with it. The Examiner’s Ashe Schow provides an excellent account of Sanders’s tour of the terrorists’ picked-over digs here (video below, about five minutes).

I dunno, a career in parapsychology may await Sanders. Doctor Peter Venkman has nothing on him. The inanity of Sanders’s comments defies belief. Picking up an empty package on the desk, Sanders reflects: “Here’s just some mixed nuts with peanuts.” Or used to be.

Sanders gingerly approaches the evidence of the murderers’ faith: “This prayer rug here may have been — I’m not sure which way — but you would face it toward Mecca. It’s possible that that prayer rug has been left in exactly the position that it was.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Glenn Reynolds asks: “[W]hy did the FBI allow this?”

Quotable quote, on looking into the waste basket: “Here you can see all types of things have been shredded. So, the FBI must have decided that whatever was in here was not important.”


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