Of a creepy council member, Cano (2)

Alondra Cano is the Minneapolis City Council member who publicized and bullied constituents with the temerity to disapprove of her participation in the Black Lives Matter actions against the Mall of America and the MSP airport terminals earlier this week. In addition to “doxing” her constituents, she implied that she was just “exposing racism” (of course).

Cano’s actions show her to be unfit for office. She is a prime candidate for the Tar, Feathers treatment Glenn Reynolds calls out in such circumstances.

The Star Tribune doesn’t have a single story following up on its Hot Dish Politics post of December 24. Has the story even appeared in the newspaper?

Minnesota Public Radio’s story on Cano is here. KARE-11’s story is posted here and embedded below.

Cano’s actions broke no law or policy, but they are disgraceful. The are wrong. Let her be asked to defend them so she can at least remove any doubt that in her the moron and the moment have met.

UPDATE: R.S. McCain follows up in “Doxed Lives Matter.”


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