Six revealing Hillary moments from 2015

When Richard Nixon’s book Six Crises came out in 1962, a wag said it should have been published in loose leaf form so additional crises (of which there turned out to be many) could be added. I feel the same way about this Politico article by Annie Karni called “6 moments that could haunt Hillary Clinton.”

Actually, all the moments are from 2015, and there’s a good chance Clinton will get through the year with no more potentially “haunting” incidents. But what’s the over-under for the number of days next year before Hillary has another “moment”?

The six moments selected by Politico from 2015 are:

1. “We now finally are where we need to be” on ISIL;

2. Republicans are my enemies (a rare moment of candor);

3. “What, like with a cloth or something?” (referring, of course, to the wiping of her email server);

4. Guns (she’s gone further to the left on them than is probably good for her in the general election);

5. Charter schools (she flipped on them after being endorsed by the American Federation of Teachers);

6. Not My Abuela.

I wasn’t familiar with the last of these moments. In case you’re not, here is Politico’s account:

A quick attempt by Clinton’s campaign to turn one of her favorite topics — being a grandmother — into an appeal to young Latino voters recently took a negative turn. Just before the holidays, the Clinton campaign posted a lighthearted list of “7 things Hillary Clinton has in common with your abuela,” a listicle illustrated with GIFs and a reminder that even entertainer Marc Anthony has endorsed her campaign.

The list went viral, but not the way the campaign might have hoped. #NotMyAbuela began trending on Twitter, with comments like: “#NotMyAbuela because she didn’t have to live in poverty with 14 kids and suffer because over half were separated over a border.” Clinton’s campaign, which is counting on Hispanic votes to win a general election, was accused of “Hispandering” — and she can’t afford to alienate those young voters by seeming out of touch or pandering.

If seeming out of touch or pandering is sufficient to cost Clinton the youth vote, then her campaign is doomed. But Politico is probably overestimating the discernment of this segment of the electorate.


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