The Unbearable Lightness of Being John Kerry

NBC’s Chuck Todd asked our sainted secretary of state, the French-looking John Kerry (who served in Vietnam, as James Taranto reminds us) how we’re going to enforce a global climate “agreement” that has no legally binding provisions beyond a schedule for more meetings to party on.


His answer: “Public shaming.”

Cue the snorts of hypocrisy. Here, according to Google, are photos of Kerry’s five homes:

Home 1 Untitled copy Untitled 2 copy Untitled 3 copy Untitled 4 copyNow you’d think with the planet at stake he could get by with just four, wouldn’t you?

I couldn’t find a reliable photo of Kerry’s private jet. But at least his yacht runs mostly on wind power:

Yacht Cabin copy


Okay, if Kerry is now into public shaming, let the shaming begin!