The Unseriousness of the Climatistas (2)

One of our faithful commenters insists on demanding ritual conformity to the Climate Catechism, as though that will somehow make phony and unserious UN climate agreements suddenly realistic or plausible. The irony of this ritual conformism is precisely this: to the extent that climate catastrophe is in our future, liberals are the last people who can solve the problem. Which is why they deserve endless scorn and ridicule.

Exhibit number one: Al Gore. The Goracle actually said this recently:

“We have everything we need now to respond to the challenge of global warming … we have all the technologies we need.”

This is embarrassing. How embarrassing? It’s even too much for . . . Barack Obama!, who said this in Paris the other day:

“The truth is if we adapt existing technologies and make them cheaper and faster and more readily available—if we improve energy efficiency—we’re still only going to get part of the way there and there’s still going to be a big gap to fill.

And John has already noted in his previous post today that even John Kerry recognizes that the industrialized nations could disappear from the face of the earth and it would make little difference to the orthodox warming projections.

Alex Trembath of the Breakthrough Institute remarks on how Obama’s comment represents a significant shift over the last decade—not that the noisiest climatistas will notice. They’ll keep stamping their feet about “the hottest year ever!”, and fail to see the world is leaving them behind.


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