The Week in Pictures: Spoiler Alert Edition

Can you believe what they did in the new Star Wars movie? I mean really–having Princess Leah turn out to be a trans-male Jedi is just so 2014. And the whole subplot with Obi Wan being resurrected was too cute. But when Ewan MacGregor tore off his face to reveal Caitlyn Jenner underneath, only to rip off that mask to reveal underneath it was Bru. . .  Wait . . . what’s that you say? No spoilers?!? What is this, William Shatner at the wrong tribute? Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to go with another week month of Trump.

Trump Vader copy

Jabba Trump

GOP Cantina Star Bores

Dem Wars copy

Presdiential Wars

Harris Perry


Yoda Sleeps

Yo Yo Yoda

Dork Wars

Yoda Planned

Trump Media copy

Stay Puft Trump copyTrump Rain Man Trump Santa

Trump Hitler copy

Trump Dissonance Trump to Hillary


Obama Reinforcements copy

Climate Trearty to ISIS copy

Lynch stole Christmas Paying for Paris copy

Sant Obama

Rate HikeBernie Unicorn

Sanders Sane People

Rodham hood

New Snow Day

This is how cliches get started.Z

This is how cliches get started.

Organic Donuts

Bacon Suiide

PC Gingerbread copy

Farm Animal Politics

Gene Calmer copy

Orwell Typewriter

Important safety tip.

Important safety tip.

Miserable Life Squeal%20Team%206l[2]

On my list for Santa.

On my list for Santa.

Thurs Football

Jenner WoftheYearAnd finally, in keeping with the news of the week:

Star Wars Chick 2 copy