The Year in Pictures: Chilled Champagne Edition

I’ve got a magnum of 2003 Sine Qua Non Omega Pinot Noir ready for a pile of grilled beef tonight, with a magnum of 1992 Dunn Cabernet Sauvignon ready as a backup in case the Omega hasn’t held up, but even if we have both (a very likely possibility), it won’t be enough to dull the senses of this year’s nonsense. Here’s a look back at a not entirely random sample of the Best of the Week in Pictures, with an invitation to vote on the Miss Power Line Gun Girl 2015. Steve Harvey will announce the winner next week. I have a feeling, by the way, that the recent indictment of Clinton Foundation donor Bill Cosby is going to lend some salience to old Bill Clinton indiscretions, so it is fitting to include a number of the early premonitions of this here in our recap.

2015 a maes Marty

Exchanging trade secrets perhaps?

Exchanging trade secrets perhaps?

Clinton Jenner Again copy Don't Let Bill copy

Clinton Secret Server copy

Junitta Broderick copy

Hillary Schltz copy

Dem Climate Causation copy

Bernie Go Back copy

Crying Cartoonists copy

Bacl Lives Matter copy

Popeye Deolezal copy

Burn Jobs copy


Harvey Obama

Climate Colder Winters copy

Campus Sensitvity copy


Paris Motive copy


Trump v GOP copy

Stay Puft Trump copy

Keep on Trumpin copy

Cruz Pisses Liberals copy


Imperial Sharpshooter copy Badass Lightsabre copy

Rick Astlery 2016 copy

Zero Mile Run copy

And finally, the finalists for Miss Power Line Gun Girl 2015 are:

Hot 513 copy Hot 293 copy Hot 506 copy Hot 306 copy Hot 737 copy Hot 747 copy Hot 222 copy