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Reality refuses to conform to the Obama agenda. Indeed, reality is inimical to it. It is why he seeks to protect us from the truth. We can’t be trusted with it. He knows we will use the truth against him to foil his grand designs. It is why he sold Obamacare on blatant lies.

Let us take the case of Jihad Bonnie and juxtapose it with the case that Obama makes for the Syrian refugees. It turns out that Jihad Bonnie was only recently admitted to the Untied States on a K-1 visa. Within a year or two she undertook the project of mass murder in the town that welcomed her. How can that be? Did we miss something in the visa screening process? Apparently not (video below, one minute).

Now comes Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson to promote Obama’s admission of Syrian refugees to the United States (video below, four minutes). The propaganda video gives us the story of “Reema.” Reema? “Reema” is Arabic for “Julia.”

Johnson opens with prevarication. It is the indispensable tool of Obama administration policy. The decision to admit Syrian refugees only came, Johnson explains, “once it was concluded that we can do it safely and responsibly…” Johnson does not reveal who came to this conclusion. Who was it?

Was it FBI Director James Comey? I don’t think so. Was it Director of National Intelligence James Clapper? I don’t think so. Thus Johnson’s use of the passive voice to assure us “it was concluded.” It is a stretcher right at the top of Johnson’s case.

Next Johnson testifies to the “rigorous security screening process” applicable to the Syrian refugees. Reema will be vetted by a UN agency! Thanks, but no thanks.

But that’s not all. Reema will also be subjected to a “security screening process that is more rigorous than any other for people entering this country.” She will receive “a deep background check.” Her “biographic and biometric information will be crosschecked against law enforcement and intelligence databases.” But FBI Director Comey has observed that “we can query our databases until the cows come home but nothing will show up because we have no record of that person.”

Reema will also have to pass an in-depth interview including an interview with a specially trained DHS officer. Not just any off-the-shelf DHS officer like the airport screeners — “a specially trained DHS officer.”

I’m feeling better already.

Just one question. How does the super-duper refugee screening process compare to the one that Jihad Bonnie was subject to?

One more question. How does the super-duper refugee screening process compare to the process that admitted the Somalis who have created the national security hazard represented by the charges against Mohamed Abdihamid Farah and his Minneapolis friends for seeking to join ISIS earlier this year?

Toward the end of the video Johnson reveals the the administration has already admitted 2,000 Syrian refugees. He compares them to the refugee wave that brought us Albert Einstein and Elie Wiesel. See my comment on the refusal of reality to conform to the Obama agenda above.

Where are the 2,000 refugees already admitted? He’s not saying.

Via Jenna Lifhits/Washington Free Beacon & Elizabeth Price Foley/InstaPundit.


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