Europe’s Dishonest Elites, and Ours

A reader writes to comment on the mass sexual assaults that have been taking place in Germany, and efforts to cover them up or mischaracterize them:

The German situation is even worse than you presented. Sure, the Cologne police chief got fired, but the despicable mayor hasn’t resigned. And, sure, there has been some scrambling and slithering by left politicians, including, mirabile dictu, Angela Merkel, Mutti herself, to tap dance away from the catastrophe they’ve created and countenanced.

But the massive coverup and deafening silence from the left and the MSM is the real story and it’s disgusting. The MSM has barely reported on these events and that begrudgingly with their mealymouthed confirmation of The Narrative, extreme deference to (their approved) authorities (“experts say”) and presentation by both statement and strategic silence of the Inner Party’s line. But the intellectual/ideological left is, if possible, even worse! There is a complete blackout–utter silence–from the likes of the execrable Salon, from Slate, The Nation, Mother Jones, The New Republic. Zip, nada, nothing! It’s almost as if the issues of mass 3rd world immigration, Muslim incompatibility with the West and the overall project of multiculturism might be getting discredited by events….

Here is a good example; I cannot do better than Ann Althouse’s reaction to the unbelievably smarmy op-ed in today’s New York Times by a female German columnist, titled “Germany’s Post-Cologne Hysteria.” The Times commenter and those rating it number 1 are way ahead, apparently, of the smug clueless Times-men.

[Ed.: Here is the comment]:

The media covered it all up, a shocking dereliction of duty to report the news. Why are we having a discussion about the feelings of the men who committed these crimes and whether they will be offended that we are stating the obvious, that thousands of them across Europe were of the same ethnic group? A war on women was brazenly unleashed that night around Europe. … Those men – local or refugees – knew wrong from right but decided to prey on physically weaker victims. These were crimes of control and delight in the infliction of terror. Subjecting them to culture classes will do no more than lecturing to murderers that taking a life is wrong. It sure would be nice if the politically correct would stop throwing women as a group under the bus in the name of trying to judge these mass atrocities as some kind of balancing test. Punish the offenders and keep anyone with the mindset that women are fair game to be raped out of the West, period.

Our reader continues:

The Times “straight news” report, as well, is a classic example of Ministry of Truth propaganda in Obamaland. Note how carefully The Narrative is constructed and presented. First, the very headline is a tipoff that false propaganda is to follow: “18 Asylum Seekers Are Tied to Attacks on Women in Germany”. Got that? “tied to attacks” and (unstated) ONLY 18! … “asylum seekers.” So it’s really a trivial problem, see, just 18 of them. And it’s all a matter for the authorities to sort out, an ordinary criminal matter, that’s all.

Note the massive misdirection implied in the focus on “asylum seekers”: the issue isn’t whether or not they are all or mostly recent arrivals; the issue is that they are Muslims and/or Arabs, North Africans, Middle Easterners. Lots and lots of them — and with more to come, indeed, as a duty for Germans to accept them! Of course, it is not until paragraph 16 of a 32-paragraph report that we get this tidbit: “police were unable to control the crowds, largely comprising men of Arab or North African appearance,” or ever noting that there were hundreds and hundreds of them, over a thousand just in the Cathedral Square in Cologne.

For Angela Merkel it’s all a strategic “shifting” of “tone,” you see, as she manages the “costs” of “welcoming” the newcomers to “their new culture.” The open admiration for approved authority figures cleverly maneuvering in their dishonest and disingenuous rhetorical and political deceits is a staple in MSM reporting. Because the really serious question is “the rising political risks for Ms. Merkel”; after all, she is a left wing heroine for her destruction of EU borders and admission of millions of 3rd world Muslim “refugees,” “whether they like it or not” in Europe, or in Germany. Because as California governor Jerry Brown said: “Never underestimate the coercive power of a central state in the service of good and wisdom.”

And of course, it is possible that, gosh!, we just don’t really know what’s going on! See, it could be that it’s just a feedback effect of “reports of sexual assaults” themselves which are “now proliferating” in Germany: “though it was not clear whether that was because of an increase in attacks or the surge of attention being given to the events in Cologne.” Sure! It could be just the “surge of attention” after the conspiracy on the left by government and the media to spike the news failed that is making those “reports” “proliferate.” We all know how common false, ambiguous or fanciful reports of sexual assault are as made by women, right? The left has been properly critical of unconditionally believing supposed victims or “survivors” as they call themselves, haven’t they?

Sailer’s reaction is good, too:

“It is all still incomprehensible,” said Ulrich Karpen, a professor of constitutional and administrative law at the University of Hamburg.

No, it’s not.

It’s simply that stereotypes are, statistically, true. But Herr Professors aren’t supposed to know that. …

The single worst impediment to better forecasting is a culture in which respectable people aren’t supposed to notice the obvious precisely because it’s obvious. Dr. Merkel, for example, isn’t stupid or notably less competent than her peers; she’s just part of a zeitgeist in which there are certain things you aren’t supposed to say because they are so clearly true. But if you aren’t allowed to talk and write in public about the truth of stereotypes, it’s hard to always remember them when making decisions in private.

The dishonesty and smug arrogance of the left and MSM cannot be overstated and they are in for a huge shock in November as they are utterly repudiated.

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