Europe’s Immigration Policies? Not Likely to End Well.

We have covered extensively the outbreak of gang sexual assaults that occurred in Germany on New Year’s Eve, most notably in Cologne. Most recent reports suggest that as many as 600 German women may have been sexually abused by Islamic immigrants on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, alone. Similar outrages occurred across Western Europe.

So the Europeans are scrambling to accommodate millions of immigrants, while fending off “far right” forces who call for sane immigration policies. What is the result? Efforts like this one by the Austrian Interior Ministry, which seeks to explain to Islamic immigrants that homosexual kissing is A-OK, while wife beating is frowned upon:


Somehow, I don’t think this is going to do the trick. The wife and wife-beater are obviously European, so migrants likely won’t think the message is directed to them. The homosexual kiss is, viewed through the lens of a traditional society, absurd, and a cartoon isn’t likely to change that opinion. So my assessment is that it will take a lot more than a cartoon or two to ease the transition of millions of Muslims into the soft underbelly of Western Europe. But Europe’s establishment has little to offer but such pitiful measures.


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