Follow Tonight’s GOP Debate at Power Line Live


The sixth GOP presidential debate will take place tonight in South Carolina. It will begin at 9 p.m. Eastern and will last for two hours. The debate will be televised on Fox Business Network; you can also stream it on any Salem Media radio station. The main event will be preceded by the second-tier debate at 6 Eastern, which will also be broadcast on Fox Business Network.

The main stage is down to seven candidates, and the race is heating up as candidates have started to turn on one another. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, in particular, have abandoned their early cease fire and are going at it hammer and tong. It should be an interesting evening, to say the least.

So: plan to sign in to Power Line Live as you watch the debate. To get into Power Line Live, click on the “Live” link above or simply click here.

You will be asked to log in. Logging in is easy. When you arrive at Power Line Live, you’ll be invited to enter a nickname. Enter anything you like, but keep it civil, of course. You’ll instantly be in the chat!

You can also click the button that says “Log in or sign up now!” This lets you use your Facebook account to log in. In this case, you won’t have to pick a nickname; we’ll get it from your Facebook profile. Click the Facebook logo, and then authorize Facebook to connect with chat. Once you do this, you’ll be in the chat. You can comment on the action and see what your fellow conservatives are saying.

See you tonight! I also will be commenting on the debate action as the guest host on tomorrow’s Laura Ingraham radio show.


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