From Obama and Clinton on the Rahm Emanuel Scandal, Crickets

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton purport to be deeply concerned about police misconduct. They support Black Lives Matter and have been quick to condemn policemen, often wrongly. But in Chicago, a policeman shot a young black criminal who was high on PCP for no apparent reason–I wrote about the case here–and the case was covered up for a year so that Mayor Rahm Emanuel, director of Bill Clinton’s finance committee, Senior Adviser to President Clinton, member of the Board of Directors of Freddie Mac, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, White House Chief of Staff, could be re-elected. This is a scandal of major proportions, but one on which every prominent national Democrat has remained silent.

On his radio show tonight, Hugh Hewitt asked Carly Fiorina about the Chicago/Emanuel scandal. Her answers were a classic evisceration of the corrupt Democratic Party. The audio is great; you can listen to it here. This is the transcript:

HH: Now I want to switch over to some politics. I am taking a redeye tonight to get to D.C. to be part of the post-presidential town hall forum on CNN, Jake Tapper, tomorrow night, 9pm, there’ll be eight of us commenting on whatever the President has to say. And I hope Rahm Emmanuel comes up, and I asked Chris Christie this on Monday, and I want to ask you today, Carly Fiorina. Should Rahm Emmanuel resign? And should the President urge him to do so as a means of communicating seriousness about not only gun violence, but the need to police your police, and to police your community well?

CF: Well, yes. Wouldn’t that be nice? Of course, it won’t happen. Rahm Emmanuel clearly believes in the Clinton way. I must say, what’s the Clinton way? Say whatever you have to say. Lie as long as you can get away with it, and do whatever you need to do to get reelected. And that’s what Rahm Emmanuel clearly has done. This whole terrible tragedy has been swept under the rug for a year to assure that Rahm Emmanuel would be reelected. Just imagine for one moment if the mayor of Chicago were not President Obama’s personal friend. Just imagine for a moment if this were a Republican what President Obama would be saying and doing. He has been incredibly silent on this tragedy.

HH: So has Hillary Clinton, and she is his good friend, and Rahm Emmanuel caught her…

CF: Exactly.

HH: Should she call on him to step down?

CF: Well, yes, because wouldn’t that be consistent with the rhetoric they usually use when these tragedies occur? I mean, most of the time, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are right out front way before the facts are known in saying that the police have done something terrible here. This time, when the facts are crystal clear, that in fact this policeman did do something terribly wrong, when the facts are crystal clear that their good friend swept it under the carpet, when the protesters march day after day after day calling on Rahm Emmanuel to resign, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are dead quiet.

The Democratic Party is hopelessly corrupt, but voters won’t realize it unless Republican candidates bring the message home, as Fiorina did here.


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