Hillary gets her mind right

Democratic orthodoxy is fundamentally hostile to immigration law that imposes real limits. It adheres to doctrinaire Lennonism at its core: “Imagine there’s no countries/It isn’t hard to do.”

It’s even easier to “imagine” if you make the concept of illegal immigration a thoughtcrime, as it has become in the Democratic Party. In the video below, Fusion’s Jorge Ramos asks Madam Hillary if she will banish the term “illegal immigrant from her vocabulary.” Like the momentarily broken hero of Cool Hand Luke, Clinton vows that she has got her mind right.

Ramos framed the question this way in his interview yesterday: “Last November you said the following and I quote: ‘I have voted many times to spend money to build a barrier to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in,’” Ramos noted. “So first question: would you commit to not using the term ‘illegal’ or ‘illegal immigrants’ in the future?”

Clinton responds: “Absolutely. That was a poor choice of words and obviously, historically I have used ‘undocumented.’ I haven’t used it since and I won’t use it in the future.”

Life imitates art. This is how the scene plays as art in Cool Hand Luke.

Via Blake Seitz/Washington Free Beacon.


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