Clintonian recurrence

Politico’s Rachel Bade and Josh Gerstein take a look at the the new Clinton email story first reported yesterday by Catherine Herridge. Bade and Gerstein extracted a statement from the Clinton campaign that has a familiar ring:

“This is the same interagency dispute that has been playing out for months, and it does not change the fact that these emails were not classified at the time they were sent or received” said Clinton Campaign Spokesman Brian Fallon. “It is alarming that the intelligence community IG, working with Republicans in Congress, continues to selectively leak materials in order to resurface the same allegations and try to hurt Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The Justice Department’s inquiry should be allowed to proceed without any further interference.”

Shades of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy (as the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross notes). With the Clintons we have a special case of eternal recurrence. It’s the same thing over and over.

Ken Dilanian adds a telling detail in his NBC News report regarding the TOP SECRET/SAP information sworn to be present in some of the emails on Clinton’s server:

An intelligence official familiar with the matter told NBC News that the special access program in question was so sensitive that McCullough and some of his aides had to receive clearance to be read in on it before viewing the sworn declaration about the Clinton emails.

Dilanian notes that “Clinton’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.” Even if this detail belies Fallon’s statement to Bade and Gerstein, Clintonian recurrence suggests that the campaign would offer something like it here.


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