Major Schadenfreude Alert: Current Isn’t

What a great week. First The New Republic deservedly implodes. Now comes the news that Al Jazeera America, formerly Al Gore’s Current TV, is folding up. Most of the time Power Line has more active readers than Al Jazeera America had viewers, and we’re just a website.

Yeah, Al Gore cashed out nicely with some serious fossil fuel money, but it’s nice to reflect back, as Twitchy does, about Gore’s sanctimony about not selling to Glenn Beck’s Blaze TV because “the legacy” of Current was important to Gore. Some legacy. Maybe Al Jazeera will ask for a refund from Gore? Maybe his next documentary will be “From Current to Wasn’t.”

Meanwhile, Ed Driscoll points us this wonderful clip about the greatness of Al Jazeera from the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua:

Also, this:

Gore to Beck


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