Republican Enthusiasm Gap Should Lift Party in November

I can imagine that if you knew Hillary Clinton would be your candidate, you would look forward to the presidential race in the same way you anticipate a root canal. And, Rasmussen Reports finds, that is pretty much how a lot of Democrats feel.

The question Rasmussen asked was: Are you looking forward to next year’s presidential race, or have you already had enough? (The survey of 1,000 likely voters was performed on December 30 and reported today.) As you might expect, 71% of Republicans say they are looking forward to the race. But among Democrats, just 50% are looking forward to the campaign, while 44% are already prepared to cry uncle.

That represents a major enthusiasm gap and is consistent, I believe, with other survey data. After two terms of Barack Obama, Republicans are champing at the bit to elect a new president. Democrats, on the other hand, aren’t much more anxious to hear Hillary day after day on the campaign trail than you and I are. That difference should give the GOP an edge, not only in the presidential race but in down-ballot races as well.


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