The Week in Pictures: Jumbo Lotto Edition

So we didn’t win the lottery. At least the state of the union is strong. Pay no attention to the crashing stock market, the slowing economy, the humiliation at the hands of Iran, the lack of diversity among Oscar nominees, and the inability of the Vikings to kick a 27-yard field goal. Or that fact that a Trump-Sanders could be the presidential choice 10 months from now. Who could have forecast the odds of that? Where can I buy more lottery tickets?

Govt Lottery copy

Sanders Lottery

Obama wallet lift

Obama v constitution

Food exec order

State of Union copy Eastwood copy

Barack Chamberlain copy

Nork H-bomb

Obama Gone logo

Bear in China Shop copy

Bernie Disable


Sanders Wayne

Snasders LMAO copy

Bill Clinton 2nd fiddle Bill Clinton chooses Hillary Success Hillary Area 51 Hillary Bus Hillary Polls

ISIS Horse

Gins Are Green

Guns and Roses

Rabbit T short copy

Two Types

Wisconsin smorkeling

Keith Rihcards Mick Jagger

Bud Grant



Belichek Emperor copy

Bring the hand?

And finally, from our friends at the IDF:

Hot Israeli



Books to read from Power Line