The Week in Pictures: Toy Gun Control Edition

As numerous analysts have pointed out, President Obama’s new executive gun control actions don’t amount to very much, and even if you assume maximum nuisance and mischief from the policy, it is certainly incommensurate with the public events it came wrapped in this week. It’s almost as if Obama wants us to think he’s trying to change public opinion, when by now it should be perfectly obvious that he is in cahoots with gun manufacturers and retailers, as gun sales are soaring. Someone should look into whether he’s getting pledges from Smith & Wesson for his presidential library. (Heh.)

Obama Gun Control

Obama Gun Control 2

Obama Expert copy Obama Gun Control 3 Obama Gun Control 4


Hillary Nonsecure copy

Bill Hillary copy Money Grubbing Bill copy

Hillary & Bill copy

Billary copy


Trump Fires 2015 Trump NY Day

Vote Trump


Birthers again

Sandeers 21 dollars Immigration Screening copy

Amish copy

Tweet of the Week

Tweet of the Week

Bad Norks copy

Big Short

Pie Charts There's Myrrh Wine Bucket

Hitler cool

12510345_10154505050202366_8221178616382195117_n Millennial Antitheft Chuck NorrisAnd finally, in keeping with this week’s headline theme: