Will Republicans Blow It?

The Wall Street Journal‘s first editorial of the new year, way back on Monday of this week, was a plea for Republicans not to be complacent and blow the very winnable 2016 election. The case for optimism was stated by Conrad Black in the New York Sun a couple days ago:

At the beginning of [2015], Clinton defeated Marco Rubio by 12 percentage points; now she trails him by 2 points. At the beginning of the year, Clinton crushed Ted Cruz by 15 points; now she leads by less than 1. At the beginning of the year, Clinton led Chris Christie by 10 points; now she leads him, too, by less than 1. Hillary Clinton is an eminently beatable Democratic nominee.

Maybe so, but there’s still the Trump wild card to be sorted out.

I took up the shape of the race and the prospects for November with Henry Olsen on the radio yesterday. He’s a pessimist. Here’s the segment: