Bernie Sanders, Movie Star!

Did you know that Bernie Sanders once played a rabbi in a low-budget “comedy” (as Rabbi Manny Shevitz—no, really, that’s his character’s name), My X-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception (1999)I like some of the comments on IMDB about it: “This is downright painful. . . This is a cute movie but really only for Deborah Gibson fans.”

Painful indeed, though I have to say, Sanders’s cameo sounds just like one of his campaign appearances, and who knows, maybe he will promise to use the power of eminent domain to bring the Dodgers back to Brooklyn (apparently Bernie is still angry about the move to LA), and regulate those outrageous major league baseball ticket prices! Memo to Bernie: Have you taken a look at baseball player salaries? Definitely part of the 1 percent problem. I know, you’re almost expecting to be Rick Rolled at this point, but no—this is for real.


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