Clinton hangs on to win Nevada

It looks like Hillary Clinton will win a narrow victory over Bernie Sanders in the Nevada caucuses. With more two-thirds of precincts reporting, Clinton held a four-point lead over Sanders. That was sufficient for AP to call the race for her.

Clinton will take a win, any win, at this stage of the proceedings. However, the margin of victory is unimpressive. A month ago, her campaign was touting polls showing Clinton 25 points ahead of Sanders.

According to the Washington Post, entrance polling showed Sanders gaining stronger-than-expected support among Latino caucus-goers. However, Clinton maintained an overwhelming advantage among African American voters — her firewall.

The African-American vote likely will propel Clinton to victory in South Carolina next week and in the Southern states that will vote soon thereafter. But unless these victories take the wind out of Sanders’ sails — and I don’t see why they should — the Nevada result is more evidence that Clinton will have a serious fight on her hands for a good while longer.