Fallon’s fallacies, cont’d

I took a look at Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon’s resort to the Clinton scandal management playbook in “Fallon’s fallacies.” The ad hominem attack is the key play in the playbook. Last month the campaign called the play on Obama-appointed Intelligence Community Inspector General I. Charles McCullough, III.

The Clintons generalize the ad hominem attack into the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. Madam Hillary herself is the author of the phrase and the mistress of the domain of the VRCW. Its conceptual reappearance is a sign and token of serious trouble in Clintonworld.

On Thursday Fallon was out peddling a version of the VRCW to Wolf Blitzer with respect to the report of the State Department Inspector General’s subpoena to the Clinton Foundation (video below). It’s almost laughable.

Red flag: “…to be honest with you…”

Quotable quote: “It’s very hard, to be honest with you, for me personally to keep track of all the fishing expeditions that this IG office has conducted.”

Via Jack Heretik/Washington Free Beacon.


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