Here’s a question

What if a Republican wins the presidency in November, but the Democrats gain control of the Senate? In this scenario, the Senate would have 17 days to confirm an Obama nominee before a Republican president could take office and withdraw the nomination.

Normally, you wouldn’t expect a party that captures the White House to suffer losses in the Senate. But the Senate electoral map in 2016 is so skewed in favor of the Democrats that this scenario doesn’t strike me as all that unlikely.

It’s worth contemplating, I think.

An old socialist’s electoral success threatens to take down the all but anointed Democratic frontrunner, who aspires to be the nation’s first female president. A liberal-leaning demagogue leads the GOP race. The death of a legendary Supreme Court Justice throws the Senate into turmoil and places ideological control of the Court in the balance. More and more, the news reminds me of an over-the-top political thriller.

And it’s been a long time since over-the-top political thrillers have been my cup of tea.


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